diciembre 2019

Guinea Pig Guidance please BOY or GIRL?

We will get a couple of guinea pigs on Friday and desire some advice on whether or not to get two girls or two males.

We now have continue reading the world wide web that men may have issues with their bottoms getting impacted and needing their anal glands cleansing (which we have been not interested in having to complete), have actually also read that boys could be more smelly that they can fight and try to dominate each other, but that they also make better pets as they tend to mark their terrority their wee smells stronger, also.

We talked about this towards the breeder and stated that individuals had been interested in girls but she stated that males are better animals as girls can bite and become grumpy at peak times (PMT like).

Can you aren’t any connection with piggies give me personally some advice please before we go and select some.

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